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Employment Opportunities

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Friend-Ship Preschool Teacher
Teacher Job Description  We are seeking someone who loves Jesus and has a heart for early childhood age students.  Friend-Ship Preschool is committed to providing a faith rich environment, playful experiences and learning.  The teacher is responsible for the planning and teaching of the daily program for children (ages 3 and 4) and reports to the Preschool Board.   
Qualifications • Early childhood education experience and teaching degree preferred. • Background check required
Classroom Responsibilities:  • Create and maintain an environment that is organized, engaging, and responsive to each child’s developmental and learning needs.  • Plan, direct, and evaluate activities that promote key curriculum goals for the spiritual, social, cognitive, physical, and emotional growth of each child. • Integrate Bible teachings and faith-based songs into daily activities. • Respond appropriately to the children’s behaviors, needs, and problems. • Take responsibility for the upkeep of all equipment, materials, and supplies. • Maintain records and observations of progress for each child’s growth. • Communicate appropriately with parents and conduct conferences as scheduled by the preschool. • Work with parents to promote cooperation in their child’s learning, understanding of child development, and participation in the program. • Ensure the safety of children always.  
Job Knowledge: • Demonstrate and use knowledge of developmentally appropriate techniques for management of children, daily program operation, and child assessment. • Demonstrate knowledge of planning, conducting, and evaluating a developmentally appropriate curriculum. • Develop new ideas, techniques, and skills through training or professional workshops.
Working Relationships: • Maintain punctuality and dependability in work hours. (8 a.m.-3:30 p.m., Monday-Friday during the school year) • Notify the pastor of late arrival or absence. • Use time management to effectively meet job expectations.  • Work with all other staff members in a cooperative manner. • Supervise teaching assistants and assign responsibilities. • Attend all preschool staff meetings.  • Participate in required functions sponsored by the preschool and in optional functions when possible.  • Report immediately all problems with children, parents, or classroom management to the preschool board. • Effectively represent the preschool to visitors, prospective clients, and parents.  • Follow the policies and procedures of the preschool.  • Support the mission of the preschool.
Interested individuals should send a letter of application and resume to friendshippreschoolboard@gmail.com Questions? Contact Steve Ziebarth at 605-359-5276