Employment Opportunities

Teacher Job Description
We are seeking someone who loves Jesus and has a heart for early childhood-aged students. Friend-Ship Preschool is
committed to providing a faith-rich environment, playful experiences and learning. The teacher is responsible for the
planning and teaching of the daily program for children (age 4) and reports to the Preschool Board.
Qualifications (preferred)
● Early Childhood Education (ECE) certified
● SD State Teaching Certificate
● Previous experience as a preschool teacher or caregiver
Classroom Responsibilities:
● Create and maintain an environment that is organized, engaging, and responsive to each child’s developmental and
learning needs.
● Plan, direct, and evaluate activities that promote key curriculum goals for the spiritual, social, cognitive, physical,
and emotional growth of each child.
● Integrate bible teachings and faith-based songs into daily activities.
● Respond appropriately to the children’s behaviors, needs, and problems.
● Take responsibility for the upkeep of all equipment, materials, and supplies.
● Maintain records and observations of progress for each child’s growth.
● Communicate appropriately with parents and conduct conferences as scheduled by the preschool.
● Work with parents to promote cooperation in their child’s learning, understanding of child development, and
participation in the program.
● Ensure the safety of children always.
Job Knowledge:
● Demonstrate and use knowledge of developmentally appropriate techniques for management of children, daily
program operation, and child assessment.
● Demonstrate knowledge of planning, conducting, and evaluating a developmentally-appropriate curriculum.
● Develop new ideas, techniques, and skills through training or professional workshops.
Working Relationships:
● Maintain punctuality and dependability in work hours.
● Notify the church office of late arrival or absence.
● Use time management to effectively meet job expectations.
● Work with all other staff members in a cooperative manner.
● Supervise teaching assistants and assign responsibilities.
● Attend all preschool staff meetings.
● Participate in required functions sponsored by the preschool and in optional functions when possible.
● Report immediately all problems with children, parents, or classroom management to the preschool board.
● Effectively represent the preschool to visitors, prospective clients, and parents.
● Follow the policies and procedures of the preschool.
● Support the mission of the preschool.
Interested individuals should send a letter of application and resume by July 8, 2019 to:
Friend-Ship Preschool
Canton United Methodist Church
621 E. 4 th St.
Canton, SD 57013
Contact Steve Ziebarth with questions at 605-359-5276.