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Did you know?
Did you know we had a medical missionary from our church?  Dr. Frank Beck was born near Canton, SD where his father had been a pioneer farmer.  He went to Dakota Wesleyan University and from there went on to become a doctor.  He and his wife Bessie ( also from SD) started a medical clinic in LaPaz.  This hospital has grown to a position of national prominence and has been a major influence in bringing the country's  Aymara Indians up from their places as among the most neglected people on earth.  He was given the "Condor of the Andes" award as he was loved by the Bolivian  people for his life of sacrificial service.
  From a son of President of Bolivia.....Luis Hernandez Tejada-Flores stated......."But Dr. Frank Beck - a man of great compassion and integrity, did not deliver only the sons and grandsons of South American Presidents .  To him, the baby of the poorest, the humblest, illiterate Aymara Indian had the same value in the eyes of God and in the service he willingly gave.  No American has contributed so much to Bolivia , his adopted homeland, as this dedicated Methodist missionary.”   From 1979 book foreword.
  Bessie, wife to be, left New York in July, 1913 to join him to become his bride and to work in ministry together.  A book named Bolivia Beckoning by Nelson and Bessie Beck was published in 1979 and is available to read.  What a legacy!