This year is the 150th anniversary of Canton United Methodist Church.  We will be taking a look through history throughout the coming year. We will be having a celebration on September 29, 2019!
DID YOU KNOW? In the late 1860’s the Iowa Methodist Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church looked with concern to the Dakota Territory. In 1869 Rev. Geo B. Oake records coming to the Canton area to begin his work.  In 1880 Articles of Incorporation were filed and the congregation made plans to build the 1st church building at a cost of $1000, with the construction work being done by the men of the church.  In 1881 the church located at the corner of Broadway and 9th was dedicated on the 12th anniversary of Methodism in Canton area.  For the first year it was noted that there were no pews or chairs to sit on-standing room only.
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