This year is the 150th anniversary of Canton United Methodist Church.  We will be taking a look through history throughout the coming year. We will be having a celebration on September 29, 2019!
DID YOU KNOW? The Canton United Methodist Church has always been on the move. No really, the current address on E 4th St is it’s second location.
The original church building was purchased on March 2, 1880.  The first location was over on the corner of 3rd street and Dakota.  This building was utilized until 1967.  By May of 1965, the Church had outgrown it’s original location and purchased land at Grant and 5th street.  In March of 1966 the ground breaking services were held with a cornerstone laying service to be held in August to celebrate the centennial year.
Finally, February 5, 1967 came for the day to move from the old to the new building.  To celebrate, an Exit Service was held in the old building, and the congregation moved as a church. The members met in the empty building as Rev. Rager handed the altar ware to representatives of various church departments.  Ceremoniously, Mr. Rudolph presented the key to the new building to Mr. Urben, while the congregation sang  “The Church’s One Foundation”.  Then Pastor Rager and those carrying the altar ware led the congregation out of the old church, along the blocks south,  and east to the new building where the service was resumed.  Can you just imagine the parade that must have been as they walked from one building to another.  According to the Farmer’s almanac, that move was done in 20 degree weather….brrr.
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