Friend-Ship Preschool

A ministry of Canton United Methodist Church
3 yr old Teacher: Shelly Swift
4 yr old Teacher: Emily Stiegel
 Pastor: Rev. Steve Ziebarth
 "Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it"Proverbs 22:6
Tuition rates per month:   
Monday -Wednesday -Friday Preschool -$100
Tuesday-Thursday preschool - $80
Non-refundable deposit to hold place - $75
Classroom Session times:
Preschool- Morning Session 8:45-11:15 a.m. Monday, Wednesday, Friday
                  Afternoon Session 12:15-2:45 p.m. Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Beginner Preschool - 8:45-11:15 a.m. Tuesday and Thursday
Mission: To reach out to the community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ through education.
Purpose:The preschool program offers young children a Christian setting in which to grow, to learn, and to develop emotionally, intellectually, physically, socially, and spiritually using developmentally appropriate activities. Friend-Ship Preschool’s daily activities will assist parents in the development of their young children.
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Meet our Staff!
My name is Shelly Swift.
I've been teaching preschool for a total of 15 years!
I live in Harrisburg with my husband, Dave and son, Charlie.
I am passionate about children, music, outdoors, paying it forward and being kind!
Two things about me, I've had brain surgery and I've attended 56 Dave Matthews Band concerts.
Some of my hobbies are camping & fishing with my family, traveling, golfing, dinner with girlfriends attending music concerts and organizing!
Hi, I’m Emily Stiegel. I’m very excited to be working with the four-year old students at Friendship Preschool this year! I have a degree in Music Education and have worked in early childhood programs and the public-school system. My husband, Joey, and I have lived in Canton for about a year, own two kitties, and are expecting a baby girl this Fall. My passions are music, children, family, friends, books, and traveling as much as I am able to.
Hi I'm Teisha Hart, my husband Geno and I have been married 22 years and have 4 girls with only one left at home. I am very thankful to have been working at CUMC for the past 5 years.

Hey everybody, my name is Melissa Anderson.    I'm married to my husband Jared for almost 12 years and I've got 3 kids (Espn 10, Mya 8, & Peyton 4). I've been a stay at home mom for almost 11 years and have also been doing daycare out of my home. My interests are anything involving sports and being active in our children's sporting activities. And our family LOVES the Chicago Cubs and we travel to Wrigley field every year to see them play. In our spare time outside of traveling to all our kids activities, I love reading and hanging out by the fire pit with our friends.
This is our 4th week at Preschool and it's been wonderful!
The first few weeks were for transitioning into our new environment, classrooms, new teachers and our new friends.
We have 34 preschoolers this year and 3 classes.  We established our learning spaces, snack room, bathrooms, hallways and playground. We are already into our routines and the kids have really been doing a good job!
We've been earning each child's trust and they know they are safe with us, as they love to come and do not like to leave.
We've had some interesting twists with pick up/drop off due to the parking lot, floor laying and cement project but we just roll with the punches.  Soon everything will be in order and worth all the work.
The kids have loved the front row ticket to the dirt show on the playground. They have watched the big diggers and dump trucks with fascination!  Fun to see the steps and hard work it takes to build a new parking lot!
We have gotten to be in the sunshine alot, as the first weeks of Preschool have given us great weather!
We made chocolate chip brownies one day and ate them on the grass outside.
We planted classroom plants and all got a turn adding soil and water. The kids are excited to watch the plants get bigger.
We have classroom jobs assigned to each child and the plant patrol person gets to add water to the plant.
Being the line leader, caboose, energy saver, kindness patrol, weather helper, calendar helper, supplies helper, bathroom patrol, and flag holder are very important jobs that the kids take seriously. 
We've been practicing name recognition, writing our names, introducing our numbers  and letters as well.
We've done a scissor assessment, a pencil holding assessment and practicing with glue. We sing, just a dot- not alot!  We have read lots of bible stories each week, Adam and Eve being the current favorite.
The kids think it's funny that Adam and Eve wore leaves as clothes! They truly do not miss a thing.
We have been singing and using instruments and answer our question of the day on the focus board.
This past week started our theme weeks, with All About Me!  We talked about ourselves, our favorites, who lives with us, what we like to eat, our favorite books, and how we show that we are kind to others.
This weeks theme is, Apples!
We will be taste testing 3 kinds of apples, dissecting an apple to learn the parts, sponge painting apples and apple tracing sheets.
As you can see, the first month of preschool has been very busy, hands on learning and fun.
Thanks so much for supporting our Friend-Ship preschool!
~Mrs. Shelly