Church Ministry Team Opporunities!

LOCAL CHURCH MINISTRY TEAMS (if you are interested in joining a team, contact the office!)
____ Leadership Team : A "team" of Lay Leaders whose task is to set the vision and develop the purpose and direction for Canton United Methodist Church through study, prayer, and discussion; to interpret the vision and purpose to the congregation. Oversees all programs and administrative decisions. Final decision making body.
____ Christian Education Team: Coordinates the Christian Education program for pre-school through senior high, including planning and preparation for Church School, Vacation Bible School, the Christmas Program and special events.
____ Congregational Care & Outreach Team: Coordinates and plans fellowship activities of the congregation; pro-vide a plan of continuing care for our members, friends and shut-ins; develop programs to reach out to the unchurched with the Good News of Jesus Christ and to welcome then into our faith community; to call on all first-time worshippers; to involve our congregation in spreading the Gospel through witness and service in our community, state, nation, and world; to respond to needs and concerns of persons beyond the local church including issues such as hunger, homelessness, etc. If we get enough, we will split this ministry team into two separate teams.
____ Worship Design & Music Team: Plan with the pastor and musical leaders to ensure that we provide passion-ate worship that help people develop and strengthen their relationship with God and helps them live more fully and Christian disciples; to provide an atmosphere that is conducive to healthy and meaningful worship.
____ Board Of Trustees: Oversee, supervise and maintain all physical property (including the parsonage) of Can-ton United Methodist Church so that the congregation can be effective in its ministry; enters legal transactions on behalf of the church based on decisions made at Charge Conference and Administrative Council meetings.
____ Pastor/Parish Relations Team: Support and encourage the pastor and staff so that they can work effectively in leading the ministry of our congregation for witness and service. To monitor, nurture and evaluate the relationship between the staff and the congregation.
____ Audit Team: Audit all church financial records on an annual basis.
____ Stewardship Team: Promote and educate the congregation about Christian stewardship and the need to practice good stewardship in all areas of life; help members of the parish understand that there is a direct connection between one’s stewardship life and one’s spiritual life; coordinate the planning and implementation of a comprehensive program of stewardship education, inspiration, and action.
____ Memorial Team: Make recommendations for the use of memorials and special gifts; to receive, record and dispense funds for the same.
____ Missions Team: Provide opportunities for members and friends to engage in local, area, national and international missions of a regular basis, with emphasis on mission opportunities
within the United Methodist denominations and its agencies.
____ Finance Team: Propose budget, raise funds, and manage and distribute the financial resources of our congregation to support and strengthen the mission and ministry of the congregation.
____ Nominations & Leadership Development Team: Ensure that Canton United Methodist Church has a pro-cess to discover, invite, support and hold accountable the people in ministry positions essential to the ministry and mission of our congregation.
____ Adult Education Team: Coordinate the Christian Education program for adults; develops small groups, clas-ses, and seminars for Sunday morning and throughout the week; recruit, train, and support teachers and facilitators.
____ Tech Team: Assembles the slide show for worship and other events; assists in constructing and updating the web site; assists in the operation of the sound system; procures and manages the projection system.
____ Pre-School Board: Maintain open lines of communication between the church and pre-school program and staff; responsible for all decisions concerning the operation and management of Friend Ship Preschool. Listening and problem solving skills are critically important.
____ Lay Leader: Gather the hopes and concerns of the congregation and community; to plan with others to ad-dress these issues; to recommend plans to the appropriate bodies and leadership; and to actively participate in and support such programs; to be a spiritual leader in our church.
____ Lay Member To Annual Conference: Link the congregation and the larger church by participating responsibly in Annual Conference sessions and interpreting its actions to the congregation.
____ Youth Council: To work in cooperation with the Pastor, Youth Director, parents, and youth to plan for and implement a youth ministry that honors God.