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Pastor's Notes

 From the Church Office Lady…..  My daughter Samantha was asked to share her Faith Testimony by our Pastor at Canton Lutheran during Lent.  Much to my surprise, she accepted.  She has been working hard on writing this over the last few weeks.  I haven’t been allowed to read it, so my mind has been pondering as to what will she speak about.   Will she talk about how I made her get up for church on Sunday mornings? Or how I made her go to Sunday School every week? Maybe she’ll talk about the many church camps she has had the opportunity to go to or the ELCA Youth Gathering.  Or maybe she’ll talk about directing the Youth Bell Choir or playing piano for the preschoolers, or singing with me during Wednesday evening worship.   As you can see, she has been very active in church. But the thing that struck me in thinking about all this is how many adults have touched her life.  From her Sunday School teacher, to Confirmation Mentor, to Youth Director, to a parent asking her to help with a Christmas Program, to someone making a donation for her to attend camp, to supporting her in other activities outside the church - so many adults have made an impact on her life and her faith.  That also extends to those that have filled in the office here for me, so I could attend her activities, to those that listened to me and prayed for us both when we were struggling through those tough teenage years.  It truly takes a village!   I think back to her baptism and remember the promise that I made along with the congregation to raise her to know God.  With her graduation looming in the very near future I can’t possibly say thank you enough to everyone that helped and prayed along the way for her.   Never underestimate the difference you can make in a child’s life.  You’re never too old or too young, or not smart enough, or not cool enough to connect with a child.  All you need is to give them a moment of your time. I’m so thankful for all those that took that moment for my child.
Love to you all,