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Pastor's Notes

Dear Friends,
 Canton United Methodist Church has a strong and vital ministry that began in 1869.  Over the past 150 years our congregation has a heritage of making disciples of Jesus Christ who make an incredible difference in this world.  I am honored to be a part of this congregation and its ministry.
 As we prepare for the next 150 years of ministry, we are presented with some great opportunities.  Some of them are listed here:
  Shift our church governance to a single board model.  Update our facilities to make them more usable, safe, attractive, and inviting to those we are trying to reach, and equip us for ministry for another 150 years.    Plan and implement our 150th Anniversary Celebration.  Adequately fund the ministries of the congregation.  Continue to be a congregation that “Makes Disciples and Makes a Difference” in our community.  Grow our worship experience - numerically, spiritually, and in additional lay leadership.  Develop more musical groups to provide worship leadership.  Grow our Chi Alpha experience by including new families and individuals.  Stress and encourage involvement in small groups studies and recruit and train additional small group leaders.  Maintain our emphasis on mission work and develop the team needed to manage this ministry.  Strengthen youth ministry by involving youth in leadership and recruiting more adult leadership.
 This is an exciting time in the life of our congregation.  Together we can strengthen our mission and ministry and make a very real difference in this community and in our world.  In another 150 years, those who follow us will be able to look back with pride at the effective and faithful ministry of this congregation!  What role do you play in our ministry?
 In the Master’s service, Steve