Pastor's Notes

Dear Friends,
 Prayer at its best is not an additive to life; it is a way of living.  That’s the way it was for Jesus, and my prayer is that it can be so for us.  Living a life of prayer brings a constant and growing companionship with the living God.
 The disciples requested that Jesus teach them to pray and as they lived and ministered together they learned from Jesus’ example all about what it meant to live a life of prayer.
 It is my hope that we become serious contemporary followers of Jesus and be re-formed into a praying congregation filled with praying families and individuals, walking in daily companionship with the Spirit of God.  When we accomplish that, we become a house of prayer and a remarkable community of faith.
 Prayer can be an individual experience, but prayer comes to its fullest expression when two or more are gathered.  When individuals, families, small groups, and the entire congregation begin living in and trusting God, incredible things begin to happen.  The formation and transformation of the early church was grounded in prayer and gave clear witness to God’s power and active presence in their midst.  Most of us pray that God will do something to us and for us, but what God really wants is to do something miraculous in us and through us.  God’s presence and power are just as available to us today as they were in the early church. 
 Together we can claim our inheritance as followers of Christ and live fully as we celebrate a relationship with the One who knows us and loves us without limits.  Prayer is one of the practices of faith that opens our hearts and permits God to do signs and wonders among us.  Reliance on prayer will change and enrich our lives and give witness to the world of God’s active presence in our midst.  This invitation to a fuller practice of prayer will result in a life -long companionship with God and we will bear the fruit of faithful discipleship - a discipleship marked by joy, peace, fulfillment, confidence and hope.
 I am inviting all of you to join me in a renewed focus on a life of prayer.  It’s my hope that together we can undergird our ministries with the power that comes when we trust God and lift our life together to the Lord in prayer.

 In the Master’s service, Steve