Pastor's Notes

Dear Friends,
I woke up in the middle of the night last night dreaming about my participation in a musical group called “The Government Issue.”  While I served in the United States Army, I was a part of this group.  We traveled all over the western half of the United States doing concerts in schools, churches, and nursing homes.  I think we performed a concert in every college and school in Colorado, Wyoming, and Nebraska.
Eddie Gibson was our drummer.  He was excellent.  He aspired to be the African American version of Buddy Rich.  I think he was better.  Frank Cates played lead guitar.  His skill and leadership brought a cohesive nature to our band.  Jim Mick was our lead trumpet.  He held a Master’s Degree in trumpet performance from one of the universities in Colorado.  His could do amazing things on that trumpet.  Harvey Rich was our piano player.  He hailed from Provo, Utah.  He held a Master’s Degree in piano performance from Brigham Young University.  He could make that piano sing.  George Haltiwanger sang first tenor.  What a gorgeous voice!  He had the ability to bring an entire crowd to their feet with his rendition of “Bridge Over Troubled Water.”  Phil Marci was our arranger.  His skill in arrangement made the very best use of the voices we had and the musical talent in our band.  Kevin Kennedy was our director.  He was working on his doctorate in music from the University of Denver.  He had a unique ability to pull the best out of that rag tag bunch of G.I.’s.  
“The Government Issue” was an outstanding musical organization because each individual member used their God-given talents to make the whole organization better.  Each individual was committed to doing their very best so that the whole group could excel.
When I got fully awake, an analogy became obvious.  It seemed to me that “The Government Issue” was a great analogy for the church.  
As we wrap up an outstanding Vacation Bible School, that analogy took on a life of its own.  We are incredibly fortunate to have so many gifted people in our congregation.  Many of you use your gifts and talents to strengthen the ministry of the whole congregation.  Our ministry is vibrant because you willingly and ably give of yourselves to help our congregation’s ministry be effective and bring honor to God.  Thank you for that!  Keep up the good work!
In the Master’s service, Steve