From the Desk of Pastor Clay

  May God bless you during 2021! We made it! Not only did we turn the calendar page, but we took the old calendar down, slam dunked it into the trash bin, and replaced it with clean slate, a fresh opportunity, a new start. And, I get it, it may seem like nothing has changed since 2020, but the truth is that we are presented with an opportunity to seize these first few days and weeks of 2021 and make the changes for which we may be hoping. Maybe this is the year to take a new step in faith or commit to reading the Bible every day. Maybe this is the time to let God in to the places of our lives that we think we can handle on our own. Perhaps this is the time that we stop toying with the idea of volunteering with something at the church and actually asking about being involved. All of these are options laid before you here at the start of the year. Take a second, breathe deeply in God’s presence, and ask yourself, “What is one small change I can make today so that I can be the disciple God is calling me to be in 2021?” I am praying with and for you as 2021 starts.
Pastor Clay