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Pastor's Notes

Dear Friends,
This information is provided to keep you abreast of upcoming changes @CUMC.
Single Board Model General Information: The following is a summary to guide churches shifting from the former United Methodist Church’s structure to the new “Leadership Team” or alternative structure comprised of anywhere from 9-15 members.  Two members of the Leadership Team will represent the interests of the Staff/Parish Relations Team.  Two members of the Leadership Team will represent the interests of the Trustees Team.  Two members of the Leadership Team will represent the interests of the Stewardship and Finance Team.  All other ministries may also be represented.
Leadership Team Purpose: 
  • Utilize a leadership style that combines accountability, responsibility and authority  
  • Reduce micro-management  
  • Synchronize and align all the church’s ministries with the mission, vision, values and goals  
  • Reduce the number of people engaged in administration and free up resources (time, gifts, talents, etc…) for hands-on ministry and engagement in the mission field  
  • Empower the pastor to lead  
  • Assist smaller congregations who cannot sustain the traditional structure 
Leadership Team Responsibilities  
  • Support all ministries of the congregation in prayer 
  • To step up in leadership within the church  
  • Establish the church’s yearly budget  
  • Confirm the vision cast by the pastor and establish yearly goals for the church  
  • Work in partnership with programs and ministries to ensure they fulfill the mission, vision and values of the church  
  • Work with the District Superintendent to hold the pastor accountable
*This team is not responsible for hearing reports. Other avenues for communication (bulletins, email, Facebook, newsletters, Town Hall meetings, etc…) within the congregation must be efficiently employed. 
Pastor’s Role  
  • Cast the church’s vision  
  • Hire, supervise, assess (and if needed, terminate) both paid and unpaid staff   
  • Hold staff (paid and unpaid) accountable for leading their ministry areas and fulfilling the mission and vision of the church  
  • Monitor the accomplishment of church goals and make adjustments as required to ensure achievement of those goals  
  • Equip present leaders and raise up new leaders for the work of ministry 
Guidelines to Ensure the Alternative Structure’s Success  
We may choose to designate members of the Leadership Team to serve as liaisons between the Leadership Team and each various ministry teams or groups within the church to promote communication.  
The Leadership Team will meet regularly to monitor goals, and assess the teams adherence to the church’s mission, vision, and values (and to counteract miscommunications).   
 The Leadership Team will do everything in its power to communicate effectively with the congregation.  The Leadership Team members rotate off after their term, to eliminate small circles of power and promote the development of new leaders.  All groups and teams will draft their budget requests and 3 goals for the new year. This includes an explanation of how those goals fit the overall mission, vision and values of the church and a report on how goals were accomplished the previous year.   Once the budget is approved, the pastor, staff, teams, and groups have permission to spend the money they have requested, after communication occurs between the Treasurer and at least one Finance representative on the Leadership Team. This ensures that funds are available before funds are spent.   The Leadership Team may also establish a spending cap (for example: any purchase under $300 is permissible without requiring communication with the Treasurer/Finance representative.)   Every Leadership Team member is not required to vote on every expenditure.   In a case when a team or group wishes to spend money for an item not already in the budget, the issue is taken to the Leadership Team.   Those who desire to be members of the Leadership Team must submit a written application to  the pastor. 
In the Master’s service,  Steve