Pastor's Notes

Dear Friends, 
On January 8th, the devotional from the Upper Room really touched my heart.  I want to share it with you today. 
“On the first day of each community college art class I taught, I would ask the students the question, ‘Who are you?’  Later, I was eager to read their responses.  One of the answers I’ve never forgotten was, ‘I am a child of God.’  This young woman’s response left me in awe that she was so grounded in her faith.  It also led me to question myself: Is my faith so strong that I would have replied in this way?  I probably would have listed my education and work accomplishments.  But now I realize that the growth I should always be most willing to share with others is my deepening relationship with my heavenly Father. 
God gives me grace and has been with me all the days of my life.  God is with me during good times and bad.  I especially remember how God comforted my when my husband died.  God loves me unconditionally, answers my prayers, and guides me. 
Years ago, that student enriched my life by helping me become more aware of my faith.  I have learned that I am a child of a merciful God who asks me to encourage my sisters and brothers.  God rejoices when I reach out to others encouraging them to join the family of the Lord. 
Prayer: Dear Lord, help us live in unity and serve you as we reach out to others and share with them your message of hope and love.  Amen.” 
Lois E. Wilson (Ohio, USA) It moved my heart.  I hope it moves yours, as well God bless you all! 
In the Master’s service,   Steve